Tonka finished the B Set with …

Tonka finished the B Set with snake eyes!! Two wins in the first two races of the day, and we’re off to a great start!!

Day 2! Its sunny, windy and st…

Day 2! Its sunny, windy and still very cold. Robbie Allen and Laurel Brown started the day in B-Division, and won the first race!!

Tonka is only 21 pts away from…

Tonka is only 21 pts away from the 2nd place team!! It’ll be an intense day tomorrow!

Loyola and Lake Forest Academy…

Loyola and Lake Forest Academy are tied for the lead with 25. Blake is in 10th with 87pts, right behind Benilde- St. Margarets with 81pts.

Unofficial results. Points are…

Unofficial results. Points are tight at the top!! Tonka has 37, Lake Forest 33, Oconomowoc 29, ….

Cold and rainy. Racing is post…

Cold and rainy. Racing is postponed while they try to set a straight course in a very shifty breeze.

Tonka finished the second A ra…

Tonka finished the second A race in 8th, with Blake somewhere around 15th.

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-16

  • We arrived at CYC to pouring rain, but it subsided, and we're racing! Winds are WSW at 6-12mph. Ben Garber & Madde Loosbrock are in for MHS. #
  • Anders Ekholm & Evan Leslie are in the A Division for the Blake School. #
  • Garber and Loosbrock just finished the first race in a solid 4th. Ekholm and Leslie finished mid-fleet in 8th or 9th. Great start!! #
  • First A set is in the books. Garber & Loosbrock won the second race, for a 1,4 set. Ekholm & Leslie finished with a 9th, for a 7, 9 set!! #
  • First B race is in the books. Addy Ferguson and Nick Price are sailing for MHS, and caught up to 5th after being called over early. #
  • Joe Anderson and Abby Morical finished 13th for Blake. #
  • Second race of the B Set, Ferguson & Price were over early again, and clawed their way back to around 7th place. Joe and Abby were around 12 #
  • First race of the 2nd A-Set, Garber & Loosbrock finished 3rd, and Ekholm & Leslie were 10th. A huge shift came in with the passing storm…. #
  • And the second race's start had to be postponed to reset the course/line. #

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