Lighthouse Island, home of LMSS and the Minnetonka Yacht Club, is located at the mouth of Carson Bay on the eastern shore of Lake Minnetonka in the city of Deephaven. Pontoons are used to transport sailors from the Park Ave location to Lighthouse Island.


Drop-off/Pickup Guidelines (Updated 2023)

19800 Park Avenue Wayzata, MN 55391

Student pick up and drop off can be difficult given the small parking lot at the Park Ave drop off location; this year is especially difficult as the city is building permanent bathrooms near the parking area, limiting the amount of space available for cars. We ask that all parents and students follow these rules to maintain a safe environment, and be respectful to the residents in the area:

General Guidelines:

1. Drive Slow – The entire area is a residential area with many people walking and riding bikes – driving slow and being patient is the most important thing we can do to assure the safety for everyone.

2. Don’t Arrive Early – Please do not arrive early to pick up your child. There is not room for idling parked cars, and this only causes more congestion. We have staggered class start and stop times to minimize congestion, but if parents arrive early it creates unnecessary congestion for everyone. If you do arrive early, there is a city parking lot at the intersection of Northern Rd & Minnetonka Blvd that generally has plenty of room and is only a half mile away from Park Ave.

3. If you don’t have a Deephaven Parking Sticker, do not park in any parking spots. You will be ticketed and it will cause problems with non-sailing residents trying to use the spots (tickets will be issued even if you are in your car).

4. If you have sailors in different classes, work later, would like your sailor to have more time at LMSS, or need some extra time in the day, consider Island Time, our early dropoff/late pickup program.

Drop Off – All students are to be dropped off at the Park Ave location – 19800 Park Ave, Deephaven. Please have your students ready for drop off, and do not idle or park for an extended period of time.

Pick Up – Depending on the age of your student, pick up at the end of class will happen in two different locations (see map for additional detail):

  • Parking is available on either side of the Deephaven Beach. If you intend on leaving your vehicle, a City if Deephaven parking permit is required.
  • Many LMSS sailors commute to our school by bike and on foot. To ensure the safety of students and to be respectful of our neighbors, please keep your speed to a minimum when driving up and down Park Ave.
  • Non-permit parking is available on the shoulder of Park Ave &
    Deephaven Ave (18990 Park Ave Wayzata). Additional non-permit parking can be found north on Lake Ave, Azure, and Rutledge.


Park Avenue is a municipal city lot and requires a City of Deephaven parking permit

Non-permit parking is available east of Deephaven Avenue. Please plan on a 3 – 5 minute walk to the pick-up location.

Mailing Address

Lake Minnetonka Sailing School, Inc.
19802 Minnetonka Blvd.
Excelsior, MN 55331