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LMSS Celebrates 50th Anniversary

1972 – 2022 Throughout the weekend of June 17 – 19th, The Lake Minnetonka Sailing School (LMSS) is commemorating 50 years of exceptional sailing education with a regatta and back-to-back socials. Join us for our 50th Anniversary Bash, Saturday June 18. “Our intention is to celebrate 50 years of successes while looking forward to the […]

A Note From Jess Haverstock

Hello Sailors, Greetings, and a very happy holiday season to you and your family. After almost ten years, this is my last update as the Director of LMSS. I am happy to announce that Annika Ekholm and Ian Solum are taking over as Co-Directors of Lake Minnetonka Sailing School, as of January 1st.  Annika will […]

Sailing The Chop

By Gordy Bowers I classify waves by height, length, speed and shape.  Each separate sea state requires a different combination of your basic skill techniques — weight position movement, sail trim, and steering.  Below, the following wave and wind descriptions are discussed: 1.  Flat water: height 0 to 6 inches, wind 0 to 9 knots, […]

Wind Direction

By Gordy Bowers Change of the wind strength will change your three speed control basics: weight, sail trim, and steering.  Wind direction is next most important, because it affects your strategic decisions based on your course position and fleet position. Start studying wind on shore by looking at the sky. Observe the shape and direction […]

The How & Why of Sailing

By Gordy Bowers I believe the how and why of sailing should be taught using the following concepts in order: Wind strength and direction Course heading angle and apparent wind Helm pressure: balance and imbalance Sail trim and shape Sailor form and movement WIND STRENGTH & DIRECTION All sailors want to see and feel the […]

Give the Gift of Sailing

Looking to give the gift of sailing this holiday season? Purchase a class online through LMSS and then click on image below to download and print a gift certificate for the lucky recipient! We extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season!

Sail with LMSS in 2021

Join us! The Sail with LMSS Membership is for sailors with prior experience looking to improve their skills, weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Schedule: June 7 – August 27 Monday – Friday from 5pm – 8pm, Saturday 1pm – 5pm Enjoy unlimited access to LMSS sailboats: Pram, Hartley and Club 420s, plus a two-hour lesson, […]