Keeping your feet warm is very important while you’re on the water! Neoprene is great for retaining heat. If not dinghy boots you can also get sneakers and make sure you layer up underneath. Warm & wool socks are strongly encouraged!


Layers are important for both bottoms and tops when sailing. Spray tops are great for water resistance as a top layer. Underneath that top layer quick dry fabrics work great. Avoid cotton or things that retain water.


Similar to the top, with bottoms layers are important! Water resistance is key for all layers. Avoid water soaking materials. We highly recommend a pair of spray pants – it could easily be your most used item!


As the season gets colder keeping your hands warm is very important! Gloves can be found anywhere from one of the places listed below or your local hardware store gardening gloves.


Buoyancy is important when sailing! LMSS asks that you come to practice with a Type III United States Coast Guard Approved lifejacket.


Accessories are important when it comes to sailing! The sailing school recommends sailors bring sunscreen, sunglasses and/or a hat, and a watch everyday to practice.

There are a variety of places you can purchase sailing gear. Below are some great options both online and in-store to look!

West Marine


West Coast Sailing

Zim Sailing